Brass Back Binding Post – M4 Metric – Rear Standoff & Cylindrical Layers

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  • Quantity: 1 back binding post set
  • Size of brass section: 16mm long, 6mm thick at the end, 8mm thick at base
  • Material: brass
  • M4 Metric
  • Connection area for clip cord on tattoo machine
  • Manufacturer: Precision




M4 Metric Brass Back Binding Post – Tattoo Machine Supplies

The rear binding post is one of the locations where the clip cord connects to the machine. The Brass Back Binding Post is M4 Metric with a length of 16mm for the brass section only. The brass end measures 6mm thick and 8mm at the base. There are three holes for attaching the clip cord, one in the end and two on the sides. The diameter for the screw hole is 4mm. The thread length, or distance of each thread, is 0.75mm. For a quantity of one, you will receive the full Back Binding Post Set, as pictured. We also offer two other styles of the Brass Back Binding Post.



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