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  • Quantity: 1 armature bar
  • 3 choices: lining bar, shading bar, or speed bar
  • Size: 1 ½” long, ⅜” wide, 3/16” thick
  • 8/32″ threading for mounting hole
  • Black oxide treatment
  • Manufacturer: Baltimore Street Irons




Baltimore Street Irons Armature Bar – Black Oxide Finish

The Armature Bar, or A-Bar, is the final piece of the drive system that inserts the needle into the skin; where the needle loop attaches to the machine. Baltimore Street Irons gives us three armature bar choices; a lining bar, a shading bar, and a speed bar. All three armature bars are tumbled and have a black oxide treatment. They measure 1 ½” long, ⅜” wide, 3/16” thick, and have a mounting hole drilled and tapped for 8/32” screw. The shader pin measures ¼”, while the liner pin measures ⅜”. Make sure to check out all the Baltimore Street Irons products we carry.


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