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  • Quantity: 1 adjuster
  • Outer block size: 78mm long, 20mm wide
  • Inner portion size: 10mm wide, 9mm tall
  • Use to align armature bar with front and back springs
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Manufacturer: Precision




Spring Flake Adjuster – Steel – Set up your Armature Bar with Springs

Every machine needs tuning from time to time and a tattoo machine is no exception. The Spring Flake Adjuster is used to align the armature bar with the front and back springs, to keep the machine running smoothly. The whole thing is stainless steel. The big block portion measures 78mm long and 20mm wide, while the inside portion is 10mm wide and 9mm tall. This listing is only for the Adjuster. Make sure to look through our site for armature bars and springs.


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