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  • Quantity: 1 armature bar
  • Bar length: 36mm, 41mm including nose
  • Bar width: 10mm, 30mm at t-portion
  • Use with side-by-side coil machine
  • M4 metric
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Manufacturer: Precision





M4 Metric Armature Bar for Side by Side Coil Tattoo Machine – Tattoo Machine Supplies

The Armature Bar, or A-Bar, is the final piece of the drive system that inserts the needle into the skin; where the needle loop attaches to the machine. This Armature Bar is for a side-by-side coil machine, is M4 metric, and is made of carbon steel. The bar measures 36mm long or 41mm with the nose, 10mm wide and 30mm wide at the T-portion. The nose itself is 5mm long and 3.3mm thick.




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