Deathless Black Clip Cord With RCA Plug, 1/4″ Jack Mono Plug & Spring Clip Adapter

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  • Clip Cord Length: 6 Feet
  • Plug Types: Phono (RCA) Plug & 1/4″ Jack Mono Plug
  • Comes With a Replaceable Spring Clip Adapter
  • Nearly-Indestructible Clip Cords Are Tangle-Resistant
  • Deathless Clip Cords Are Guaranteed for 1 Year After Purchase


Black Deathless Clip Cord With RCA Plug, 1/4″ Jack Mono Plug & Spring Clip Adapter

This 6′-long standard black slickcord clip cord has a smooth, non-porous exterior and permanently-sealed phono (RCA) plug and 1/4″ jack mono plug end pieces. The woven nylon material within each cord prevents tangling and adds flexibility while enhancing the cable’s internal performance and strength. The insulated exterior is both vibration- and crush-proof.

Each Deathless clip cord is manufactured with amp-quality instrument cable. This type of cable uses oxygen-free copper wire and has a 1/4″ layer of rubber insulation surrounding the wire, which provides added comfort and better voltage flow. Braided copper shielding within the cable provides optimal reduction of electrostatic hum and vibration control. The ends are sealed with heavy-duty heat-shrunk tubing for added strain relief. The cords are covered with high-quality braided nylon material that’s triple-stain-guarded for easy cleaning and extra protection. However, you should still always use a clip cord cover with this Deathless clip cord for safety and sanitary purposes.

Each Deathless clip cord comes with a heavy-duty quarter inch jack mono plug on one end and an RCA plug on the opposite end. Both end pieces are soldered and permanently sealed with epoxy resin to minimize vibration and eliminate wire breakage.

The nylon cord cover on each of these clip cords is also resin-sealed within the end pieces to prevent fraying and structural failure while adding to the overall strength of the cord. Deathless clip cords are practically indestructible–they’re crush-proof, water-resistant and able to withstand a 250 lb. strength test. They generally have a 5 year life span, and they’re guaranteed for one year after purchase. See warranty for details.


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