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  • No-Slip Textured Foot Pedal
  • Pedal Measurements: 3.75″ Long x 2.75″ Wide
  • Clip Cord Tip Type: Banana Plugs
  • Manufactured Under ISO9001 Quality Management System
  • Price Per 1 Pedal/Clip Cord Combo Unit





Tattoo Foot Pedal & Clip Cord With Banana Plugs Combo

This second version of our Clip Cord Foot Pedal Combo With Banana Plugs features the latest tattoo foot pedal technology. Save time and avoid the hassle of having to worry about two separate items when you use this 2-in-1 foot pedal and clip cord unit. Each of these tattoo foot pedals with banana plug clip cords is manufactured under the ISO9001 Quality Management System. These foot pedals are made from quality materials that you can rely on tattoo after tattoo.



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