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  • Quantity: 1 set contains 4 pieces
  • Contains: front binder, rear binder, thumbscrew and contact screw
  • Standard or side mount rear binder
  • 8/32” threading
  • Manufacturer: Baltimore Street Irons




Baltimore Street Irons brings us quality with the Front Drilled Black Oxide Finish Binder Set. This four piece set includes one of each of the following: front binder, rear binder, thumbscrew and contact screw. The rear binder nut lets you choose your mounting style. It has a hole on the end for a standard mount as well as a hole on the side for a side mount. All parts have 8/32” threading. We also offer a Front Drilled Brass Binder Set. Make sure to check out all the Baltimore Street Irons parts to revamp your machine.



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