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  • The Eclipse™ allows you to adjust the Darkness of your stencil outline. Works best with ATSUI Brand Transfer Paper, Also works with Spirit Master Paper.

    Eclipse™ Series 2 A4: 8.5″ (W) x Unlimited (H)
    -Dimensions: 4″ x 17.75″ x 7.75″-
    -Weight: 18 lbs-

  • S8 Pocketjet Thermal Printer (Available in 3 models)
    USB Model – Print artwork directly from your computer in seconds
    Airprint Model – Print artwork directly from your computer or Apple iOS wireless devices in seconds! (macOS 10.8 or later)
    Bluetooth Model – Print artwork directly from your computer or Android and Windows wireless devices in seconds! (Window Vista or older)
    All Printer models can print artwork directly from your computer. New software designed for the professional tattoo artist nearly eliminates common paper jamming issues, making for an easier-than-ever print.

  • Stencil Fax Thermal Copier Machine. This machine is not like the traditional 3M or Solar Copier Machine. No Messy Light Bulbs or Belts that need replacing.
    The Stencil Fax is specially designed for the Tattoo Industry. By Using Thermal Printing Technology they are able to create this useful machine.
    Stop tracing your outlines by hand. Time is money, and you don’t need to spend 30 min tracing a outline.

  • TOEC Stencil Machine

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    The TOEC Stencil machine is compact and easy to use. The stencil machine requires TOEC program in order to print a stencil. This program can be downloaded for your Apple or Android device. You can also install this on your desktop and software is included.
    You will also get a nice velvet carrying case for your machine.
    How to load images to create a stencil.
    1) If you have the image on your smart phone or tablet. With the program you load and images saved on your phone.
    2) You can also take a picture of your outline with your Phone or Tablet and print it that way as well.
    Warranty – One year manufacturer warranty