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The Eclipse™ allows you to adjust the Darkness of your stencil outline. Works best with ATSUI Brand Transfer Paper, Also works with Spirit Master Paper.

Eclipse™ Series 2 A4: 8.5″ (W) x Unlimited (H)
-Dimensions: 4″ x 17.75″ x 7.75″-
-Weight: 18 lbs-



NEW ECLIPSE™ Series Thermal Copier Machine
Works just like and better then the old 3M Stencil Machines.

1 Year Limited Warranty, when you fill out the Registration form. Option to purchase additional 1-3 year extended warranty.
Warning: Please make sure to use the original power cord provided. The machine requires a 16 gauge power cord in order for the machine to work properly. Extension cords will also need to be 16 gauge or thicker in order to properly supply enough power to the machine. If you need a replacement cord please contact us.