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  • Lightweight body: 1.4oz
  • Needle stabilizing system
  • CNC-machined from a solid block of aircraft aluminum
  • Variety of anodized color options
  • Super lube (synthetic grease) and allen key included
  • Autoclavable machine body
  • Priced for the Prodigy body only


Red Prodigy Tattoo Machine Body Only by Stigma-Rotary

The Prodigy tattoo machine by Stigma-Rotary gives the tattoo artist endless options with an ultimate adjustable give system. The control thumbscrew at the top of the machine is used to make adjustments and is equipped with a needle bar stabilizer, which eliminates the need for rubber bands. This machine yields incredible results no matter what kind of work you’re doing: lining, packing, shading, blending, and layering.

Prodigy is CNC-machined from a solid block of aircraft aluminum and then anodized in a variety of color options. It comes pre-lubricated and includes extra synthetic grease. It can be powered by either the 4.5w MotorPlug or the 10w MotorPlug and there are four different stroke excenters available depending on your preference and needs. These items are purchased separately.

The Prodigy also features an EasyPlug system that allows the MotorPlug to be plugged in or removed in a snap. This allows the MotorPlug to be bagged prior attaching it to the body or you can bag the machine with the MotorPlug already plugged in to help avoid cross contamination.


Necessary Hardware:

A MotorPlug must be purchased with your machine, as this listing is for the body only. All MotorPlugs come pre-installed with the medium (3.5mm) stroke excenter. Other stroke excenters must be purchased separately.

MotorPlug Options:

  • 4.5w MotorPlug:  Lighter, strong, and with an RCA connection only
  • 10w MotorPlug:  More torque, ease of use, and with both RCA and clip-cord connections

Stroke Excenter Options:


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