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• Package:1 pcs
• Motor:Made-In-China
• Type:Tattoo Gun
• Color:Red
• Function:Shader and Liner
• Moder Number:TM-594
• Material:Aluminum
• Feature:New drive system
• Weight:160g
• Speed:15000RPM



The AMEN is the remarkable new tattoo machine designed by Stigma-Rotary®. The AMEN features a new drive system, which allows the artist to change between strokers to determine the cycle of the stroke. This means the artist can choose exactly how much time the needle spends up or down on each cycle.
• New and high quality
• Made of superior composite material
• With stable performance and rapid thermal diffusion, it can work for 8 hours at a stretch without
• Perfect for any tattoo artist who is looking for a good quality tattoo machine


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