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Material Pigment
Brand Bloodline



Starter Kit for Bloodline Tattoo Ink – 14 1oz. Colors Included

Bloodline tattoo ink, also commonly known as Skincandy tattoo ink, is a pre-dispersed ink manufactured in California, USA. It contains some of the most brilliant and vibrant colors on the market. This Starter kit comes with 14 colors (list below indicates all colors included). Please note that there is no box that comes with this kit, all bottles are loose.

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Bottle Size: 1oz. bottles
Quantity: 14 bottles
Brand: Skin Candy/Bloodline
Features: 14 of the most popular colors included
Starter Kit Colors:

Skincandy Ink All Purpose White 1oz
Skincandy Ink Candy Apple Red 1oz
Skincandy Ink Red Hot 1oz
Skincandy Ink Marz 1oz
Skincandy Ink Dolemite 1oz
Skincandy Ink Blisterine 1oz
Skincandy Ink Tastywaves 1oz
Skincandy Ink Sassygrass 1oz
Skincandy Ink Srv Teal 1oz
Skincandy Ink Bellbottom Blue 1oz
Skincandy Ink Ripple 1oz
Skincandy Ink Muddy Water Blue 1oz
Skincandy Ink Razberry Cream 1oz
Skincandy Ink San Brownadino 1oz


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