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* Designed and entirely manufactured in Italy
* “GIVE” adjustment of needle hitting strength
* Comes with Tightening bar. No more rubber bands are needed
* Needle excursion can be adjusted by different excenters
* Revolutions per minute: 0 – 9300 rpm / min
* Stitches per second: 0 – 155 / sec.
Made in Italy



SKIN 2 is a new conception rotary machine for tattooing. The main innovations are:

GIVE adjustment of needle hitting intensity

Possibility to adjust the needle hitting strength (GIVE / Softness of the machine). This adjustment allows to set the machine “harder” for lining and “softer” adapted for colouring, filling and shading. The adjustment notches on the cap of the GIVE allow intermediate set ups.

* Tightening Needle Bar
* With this accessory no more rubber bands are needed to tighten the needle bar.
* In addition to the classic clip-cord connection, SKIN 2 is equipped with
an RCA connection, which guarantees a constant current flow.* Adjustment of needle excursion
* Following replacement excenters for needle excursion adjustment are available:
2,6mm, 3,7mm (serial excenter), 4.5mm and 5,5mm (replacement excentersare available separately).* Lightweight, silent, vibrations are reduced to a minimum

* Thanks to the Swiss Motor DC-Micromotors, high quality ball-bearings and the ultra-light materials used, the SKIN 2 is lightweight, silent and vibrations are reduced to a minimum. * Lightweight: weights only 90g
* Silent, vibrations are reduced to a minimun
* Equipped with quality Swiss Motor
* Supports up to 55 Magnum needles


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