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  • Precision Tattoo Needles
  • Needle Diameter: #8 (0.25mm), #10 (0.3mm), or #12 (0.35mm)
  • Needle Type: Round Shader (RS), Round Liner (RL), Super Tight Round Liner (RLXT), Extra Super Tight Round Liner (RLXP), Flat (F), Magnum (M1), Magnum Curved (M1C), Magnum Stacked (M2), or Triple Stacked Magnum (M3)
  • Sterilization: Each needle is individually packaged and sterilized by EO gas
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Price Per Box of 50 Needles (Exceptions: 100 Round Shader comes in a Box of 25, 29 Magnum and 35 Magnum come in a Box of 30, and 49 Magnum comes in a Box of 25)
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Precision Tattoo Needles — Price Per Box of #8, #10, or #12 Tattoo Needles — Flat, Magnum, Liner, or Shader

Precision Tattoo Needles come in over 80 different configurations. There are 6 parts to Precision Needles, diameter, points, type, taper, texture, and tube/tip compatibility. You can learn more about the Precision Tattoo Needle System in the Precision Needle Technical Manual. This listing is for one box of needles, choose from Diameters #8 (0.25mm), #10 (0.3mm), or #12 (0.35mm), and a variety of needle types including Flat (F), Magnum (M1), Round Liner (RL), Round Shader (RS) (see below for a complete list). Use the tip compatibility chart to determine which tube/tip is compatible with the needle size you choose.

Each needle comes in a Sterile Pouch with the type of needle, lot no., expiration date, and compatible tip/tube printed right on the outside.  The needles are EO (Ethylene Oxide) gas sterilized and should only be used if the package is undamaged.


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