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  • Cord Length: 8 Feet
  • Plug Types: Right Angle RCA Plug & 1/4″ Jack Mono Plug
  • Split Tip Center Pin Increases Conductivity
  • Silicone Wire Is Tangle-Resistant
  • Price Per 1 Polarized Right Angle RCA Cable


Precision Polarized Right Angle RCA Cable

This Precision brand RCA cable is one of the best 90-degree right angle RCA connections available in the industry for powering your tattoo machine. It’s an 8′-long cable containing silicone wire, which reduces wire tangle and is extremely lightweight. There’s a right angle RCA plug on one end and a quarter inch jack mono plug on the opposing end of the cable. The 90-degree angle on this polarized RCA cable allows the wire to head straight downwards for added flexibility while you tattoo. Since this is a polarized cable, you can use it safely with your InkJecta tattoo machine or any other high-end tattoo machine.


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