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  • Needle Diameters:  0.35mm (Standard), 0.30mm (Bugpin)
  • Needle Points:  Select from drop-down menu
  • Needle Types:  Round Liner Tight (RLT), Curved Magnum Long Taper (CML), Bugpin Curved Magnum X-Long Taper (BPCM)
  • Tapers:  3.5mm (Long), 4.5mm (X-Long)
  • Ethylene Oxide Gas sterilized and individually packaged
  • Medical grade surgical steel material
  • Price per one box of 50 needles
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Eikon’s Hydra Premium Tattoo Needles – 50 Premade Standard or Bugpin Tattoo Needles per Box

Eikon Device has dedicated over 20 years to advancing tattoo equipment, manufacturing the first needle specifically designed to meet artists’ needs back in 1994. Now as industry-leading innovators, Eikon has developed premade tattoo needles that will suit any tattooing style – Hydra Premium Tattoo Needles.

Hydra Premium Tattoo Needles feature medical-grade surgical steel construction, precision ground needle points, and a smoothly pulled solder. All needle configurations have evenly spaced, tight needle spreads that help to reduce friction and feature consistent roundness. These needles are manufactured to meet Eikon’s strict quality guidelines and are carefully inspected before being packaged.

One box contains 50 Hydra Premium Tattoo Needles, each individually packaged with the lot number, expiration date, and sterilization indicator.

03RLT – .35mm 3 Round Liner Tight Long Taper
05RLT – .35mm 5 Round Liner Tight Long Taper
08RLT – .35mm 8 Round Liner Tight Long Taper
07CML – .35mm 7 Curved Magnum Long Taper
09CML – .35mm 9 Curved Magnum Long Taper
11CML – .35mm 11 Curved Magnum Long Taper
13CML – .35mm 13 Curved Magnum Long Taper
15CML – .35mm 15 Curved Magnum Long Taper
09BPCM – .30mm 9 Bugpin Curved Magnum XL Taper
11BPCM – .30mm 11 Bugpin Curved Magnum XL Taper
13BPCM – .30mm 13 Bugpin Curved Magnum XL Taper
15BPCM – .30mm 15 Bugpin Curved Magnum XL Taper


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