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Technical Specs:

  • Box of 50
  • 316L Medical-grade Stainless Steel
  • .25mm needles with a 5.5mm taper
  • All needle bar are 4 3/4″



  • Pre-soldered
  • Sterile
  • Individually packed with expiration date
  • Very economical
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All Mithra 8-gauge Bugpin Needles fit into a size down tube.

Example: Bugpin 7 Liner Needle will fit into a 5 Liner Tube, Bugpin 9 Liner Needle will fit into a 7 Liner Tube, etc. 

Mithra 8-gauge BUGPIN liners have a smaller diameter (.25mm) and a tighter grouping than our standard 12-gauge liners and are built with a tighter spacing between its needles. This grouping of 8 gauge needles allows for bigger liners to produce detailed work and fine outlines that a smaller needle would produce.


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