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  • The Welker El Camino Shader is solid, well-engineered machine. True tattoo artists’ love the smooth performance. The El Camino is an excellent all-around shader and appreciated for packing color. Welker is a recognized leader in the tattoo industry. Here are some the special features and industry innovations on the El Camino shader:
    • The El Camino frame is precision, CNC machined from a single piece of 1018 cold-rolled steel
    • The frame, armature bar and coil core are full vacuum annealed to increase power and reduce magnetic memory. This is an additional process unique to Welker machines
    • Fitted with the Welker Quick-Release vise
    • The Welker Impact Dampener produces a quieter, smoother running machine
    • Wear-resistant black oxide finish on frame
    • Solid brass binding post and contact screw
    • Includes standard clip cord connection but a RCA set-up can be requested if preferred
    • Medium running speed with a long throw and hard hit
    • Ideal for 5’s – 13’s needles
    • One inch, 10 wrap black coils with a 47uf capacitor
    • Shader machines: front cutback spring 0.18, rear spring 0.18
    • Color machines: front cutback spring 0.18, rear spring 0.20
    • Free running speed: 110-115 CPS|Hz
    • Weight: 8.15 oz.
    • Frame carries a lifetime warranty to original owner
  • Nomad Liner Tattoo Machine.


    Machines are hand-tuned the day they are shipped to assure your new Welker Machine runs perfect, right out of the box!


    Nomad Liners are set up with .18 front cutback spring and .18 rear spring. 8 wrap coils with a 22uf capacitor.


    All Welker machines are available in our standard Black Oxide frame or Antique Edition.  Antique machines are one of a kind, no machine looks the same.  Frame, binding posts and other hardware have been treated with our own blueing process to give the metal a unique vintage look.


    Our machines are handmade at our own facilities using only parts MADE IN THE USA