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  • CNC machined aircraft aluminum frame
  • Enhanced motor with a 3.5mm and 4.5mm stroke
  • Improved balance and design to relieve wrist strain
  • Printed electronic circuit board and diode for seamless operation
  • Manual brush polished finish
  • Clip cord connection
  • Certificate of authenticity and warranty information included
  • Laser engraved serial number on machine
  • Made in Italy
  • Price per machine body only




Opaque Black Electra 2 Rotary Tattoo Machine by Lauro Paolini

Years of experience and traditional craftsmanship combined with industry-leading manufacturing technology are why Lauro Paolini’s tattoo machines are considered premium tools of the trade. Paolini has been manufacturing machines in Italy since the 1990s and is continuing to revolutionize the industry. The Electra 2 rotary machine has a CNC-machined frame constructed from a solid piece of aircraft aluminum, which is then brush-polished by hand and anodized for the perfect finish. It features a powerful motor with 3.5mm and 4.5mm strokes that can be easily switched by removing the motor from its housing. The Electra 2 also has a printed electronic circuit to eliminate wiring and a diode to make the current run in one direction. The needle bar features a locking system, providing absolute stability without rubber bands. This machine is designed to withstand hours of use on a daily basis with nearly no vibrations and weighing at only 100g.